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Our Mandala Tea House offers teas, smoothies, elixirs, coffee and organic treats made with the highest quality ingredients to support your potential for complete health. We buy fresh fruit and vegetables everyday and everything we sell over our counter is made by hand. You will find only natural ingredients in our yoghurt, almond and coconut milk, savory and sweet snacks, acai bowl, delicious frozen desserts, and delicious innovative smoothies.

Our cleanses, ayervedic services, culinary workshops and blog provides you a clear path toward optimum health, helping you to learn what is best to feed your very unique body, slow down, eat mindfully and thoroughly enjoy your life. Move from Shavasana to the Mandala to reflect, replenish and rejuvenate.

At over 5000 years in the service of humanity, Tea is the original slow food. When you order a pot of tea, you are stepping into a rich tradition of enjoying the moment and savoring your life. There is a large variety of teas, reflected in the Mandala Tea menu, including green tea, black, white, oolongs, and puerhs. Each tea (carnelian sinesis) plant is dependent upon unique growing conditions, the kinds of leaves that are used, the variation of sun, altitude, the soil quality, the season, when and the way they are picked and packaged, and ultimately, and even in how your tea is made. Growing and making tea is essentially an art form and has been for hundreds of years.

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Yoga Class Pricing

Drop In Class $20
-Drop In (With a member) $15
-Drop In (Civil Servant/Student/Child 12-/Senior 65+) $12
10 Class Pass $175
10 Class Pass (Civil Servant/Student/Senior 65+) $100
30 Class Pass $450