Joy of Yoga Teacher Training

Joy of Yoga Teacher Training Program


The Joy of Yoga Teacher Training includes a 200 hour training and a 500 hour training registered through Yoga Alliance.

The Joy of Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training is designed to support those wanting to significantly deepen their understanding of the yoga practice and those that want to teach.

The Joy of Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training is for existing teachers and those already possessing a 200 hour certification  who want to vastly broaden their knowledge and experience in a supportive, collaborative environment.

Directed by Jennifer Prugh, both the 200 hour and 500 hour JOY programs offer the unique opportunity to work with internationally recognized yoga teachers, highly regarded medical professionals, scholars of Yoga Philosophy and Sanskrit, Ayervedic practitioners and highly respected local yoga teachers who specialize in a particular aspect of the practice. Since the conception of the Joy of Yoga Teacher Training in 2006, this program has been offered locally, nationally and internationally.  We offer unprecedented opportunities to collaborate with other serious yoga students around the world by “returning to Yoga’s roots” and studying in both India and Bali if you so choose. We offer an apprenticeship program and opportunities to teach. We give you the chance to fully explore what is possible, whatever that may look like, as a teacher and lifelong student of this practice.


The JOY program was founded on these principles:

Yoga changes lives. Yoga is an eight limbed practice that combines asana, breath, the process of meditation, ethics and philosophy. Our mat is our laboratory and yoga is a practice we carry with us throughout the day. With regular practice transformation of one’s health and happiness is possible for everyone.

Every body and every mind is unique. That means that JOY of Yoga teacher trainees will learn how to meet people where they are and create an effective inclusive experience for everyone in your classes as well as for your individual clients.

Instructors memorize scripts. JOY provides you a structure to learn how to teach as opposed to instruct. In order to get as much experience as possible, at the two hundred hour level, ten day immersions enable you to dive deeply into the experience of yoga with your peers. At the 500 hour level, weekend immersions are effective because they give you time between weekends to read, study and apply new principles in your lives and in your classes.

Yoga is an evolving practice. Understanding the past is essential to building evolving intelligently. JOY seeks to understand the past through history and philosophy while also incorporating the results of today’s scientific research in the understanding of mind and body.

You will learn the art and science of yoga, how to read bodies and address your students, no matter who they are or what kind of existing condition they may have. The more capable you are of being yourself, grounded in skill and practice, there is no telling what you are capable of.

Yoga is a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual practice. Being a yoga teacher also requires the practice of business. You will leave the program empowered in all five areas of practice.

JOY provides you the support and guidance through outstanding faculty and a structure that facilitates the growth necessary to find your own authentic voice. When you leave the 200 hour training you will be equipped to teach professionally. When you leave the 500 hour training, you’ll have a specialization in this vast field of yoga – your passion and expertise -- and you will have lead a three hour workshop at Breathe Los Gatos on your subject of choice, something you will be able to take with professionally to  the community at large.

In the words of Joseph Campbell, you will have “followed your bliss.” Doors will open and your world, in and around you,  will be made better for it.


The JOY training has two phases, a 100-hour "Dynamics" training and a 100-hour "Therapeutics" training. Each training runs for ten consecutive days. Both 100 hour trainings must be taken to complete the JOY 200-hour certification and register with Yoga Alliance. You can do the 100-hour Dynamics and the 100-hour Therapeutics trainings in any order.

Our outstanding faculty is comprised of yoga teachers recognized for excellence in their field, scholars of Sanskrit and philosophy, Ayervedic practitioners and both western and alternative health care professionals who offer great insight into the workings of the human body.


When you leave the JOY program you will be equipped to teach professionally in any class setting, if you choose to do that. You will be enabled with tools that will make you more effective in your relationships, in your personal practice and in every area of your life. The hours we spend together lead you to RYT 200-Yoga Alliance Certification. 



Jennifer Prugh’s Yoga Alliance certified Joy Of Yoga 500-hour program is for those who have completed an YA certified 200 hour program and want to concentrate their studies, work with like-minded colleagues, have the support of locally, nationally and internationally acclaimed mentors, and deepen their own personal and professional practice. The J.O.Y 500 is an applied investigation into the variety of areas that yoga impacts and transforms our lives, beginning on our mat and branching out into the way we care for ourselves, interact with those we love and contribute to the world around us.

rys500 The J.O.Y 500-hour Teacher Training is designed to impart new mind/body practices supported by medical research as well as ancient practices to supplement your knowledge, providing a supportive, rigorous and inspirational environment in which you continue to integrate what you are learning.  The J.O.Y. 500 provides a non-dogmatic philosophical and well rounded curriculum where you can dive deeply into your own investigation of this practice.


Yoga on a paddleboard has become an ideal way in which to practice yoga in a pool, pond, lake or the ocean. The principles that are taught on the yoga mat become essential and even more appreciated on the board. Enhancing the experience of concentration and moving with the breath on water, Floating Lotus creates a floating classroom that allows students to develop core strength, balance, do things you never thought possible, and have a great time outdoors. Much like the human mind, the board constantly shifts, moves, flows in different directions. Yet, within all this movement, there is a sense of peace inherent in being on the water. Yoga on Water is a wonderful addition to one’s yoga practice and a great way in which to be introduced to the principles of yoga.


Teacher: Misako Matsuoka

Learn how to lead your students in a mindful practice of Restorative yoga that helps them release physical tension and emotional stresses, engage the relaxation response, and to feel more at ease.


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Yoga Class Pricing

Drop In Class $20
-Drop In (With a member) $15
-Drop In (Civil Servant/Student/Child 12-/Senior 65+) $12
10 Class Pass $175
10 Class Pass (Civil Servant/Student/Senior 65+) $100
30 Class Pass $450