Yoga Workshops

At Breathe we are committed to deepening our understanding of yoga. The Breathe workshops and special events are led by international, national and acclaimed local teachers with a passion for sharing their practice, whether its asana, ways of caring for our bodies, how to breathe or the philosophy and history of yoga. Please join us in celebrating the infinite variety of yoga in these informative and often transformative workshops.


Anyone can enroll in a workshop and members of Breathe are often given a percentage off of workshop tuition.

lorien neargarder3

Teachers: Lorien Neargarder & Connie Kay

Yoga teaches us that we are all connected, and a great way to relate in this way is through chanting. When your voice unites with others, you feel that loving connection to something bigger than you.


Teacher: Christina Enneking

Love yoga? Love youth? Want to love child-rearing and child-development years more? Ready to find balance between hectic schedules, internal/external pressures and personal success? This workshop is for you!  Creative movement and mindfulness through yoga introduce to our youth a life-long practice cultivating creativity, strength, flexibility and mindfulness. Whether you're a classroom teacher, parent, grandparent, yoga  teacher, or simply the kind of person who relishes the opportunity to get down like a wiggly worm, you will learn to share the gift of yoga with a youthful crowd ... not to mention finding your inner child!


Teachers: Katie Hoover & Rick Allen

Join us for a series of partner yoga workshops with Katie Hoover and Rick Allen!


Teachers: Daniella Cotreau & Danny Goldberg

Prepare to go on a journey with sound vibration invoking the healing resonance of each of the Chakras in your Body Temple.


Teacher: Daniella Cotreau

Whatever you HandStand level, this workshop will be sure to take it to the next level. You will learn proper alignment and core techniques to balance safely and ease-fully in your HandStand. Learn strengthening practices and variations on HandStand that will open a doorway to all sorts of new poses on your hands.

misako matsuoka3cropped

Teacher: Misako Matsuoka

This Yin Yoga Immersion, led by Misako Matsuoka E-RYT500, will take you deep into the vital practice of Yin yoga.

Yin Yoga is beneficial for every body: for all ages and all levels of yoga experience. Yin Yoga is especially beneficial for athletes, those with chronic stress or insomnia, or those with unresolved tightness due to past injury. Yin yoga is also a wonderful way to prepare the body for meditation. The Yin Yoga practice is a quiet, inward looking style of yoga where floor postures are held passively for several minutes. The long held stretches lengthen and nourish the connective tissue and fascia, releasing blocked energy to promote smooth energy flow and healthy range of movement in joints.

gary kraftsow

Teacher: Gary Kraftsow

Emotional health is fundamental to the maintenance of overall health and well-being. The ancient sages understood emotion as a complex interaction between mood, cognitive processes, behavior, and physiological responses. Master teacher Gary Kraftsow presents these teachings in contemporary language so that the wisdom and practices of yoga can be employed to reduce suffering and cultivate higher human potential. In this workshop, you

  • Explore models of integrated personality that emerge from Vedic teachings
  • Discover how the science of pranayama, mantra, and meditation can be applied for emotional healing
  • Learn to recognize the direct influence that thoughts and emotions have on our biochemistry
  • Develop and cultivate practices that transform negative qualities of mind and promote well-being.

Each day of this program includes lecture, discussion, and practices that integrate asana, pranayama, chanting, mantra, and meditation.

joanne varni

Teacher: Joanne Varni

Did you know that the psoas muscles are one of the first muscles to develop in utero at the core of our development? Did you know that these muscles have multidimensional qualities that set it apart from other muscles?

linda pino


Teacher: Linda Pino

Are you feeling stuck in or frustrated with old patterns? Are you interested in greater emotional intelligence and more satisfying relationships? The Enneagram is a key to unlocking unconscious habits of mind and behaviors that may be working against you. You can also consider the Enneagram your personal guidebook to your boss, your partner or your parent! The Enneagram (any-a-gram) system is a map of nine fundamental personality types; unique patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting in the world based on underlying motivations. Our personal and professional successes and failures are due in large part to our Enneagram type, which is alive within us 24 hours a day.

erika abrahamian3

Teacher: Erika Abrahamian

Curious about Mysore-style Ashtanga? Been practicing for a while and would like a chance to dive deeper into the method and explore the practice? Join our Mysore teacher, Erika, for this progressive 6 week course where she will break down the philosophy, history, breathing patterns, vinyasa counts, and the postures of the primary series of ashtanga. By the end of the 6 weeks, you will have the tools you need to move into the mysore room with confidence, and experience the transformative power of the practice. During this course, Erika will work with the group and individually to develop personalized sequences that makes sense for each person's body and abilities within the boundaries set by the method. Each weeks materials will build on the previous weeks' work.

mark singleton

Teacher: Mark Singleton

Join us for two weekend workshops with Mark Singleton!


Teachers: Kendra Ford & Gary Kissiah

Tantra and the sacred feminine have become very popular in Western yoga. Our workshop will focus on the role of the Goddess in the tantric system. We will examine the ten great manifestations of the Goddess and her role in creating the universe by dancing with Shiva. We will explore (i) Shiva and Shakti’s cosmic dance and how we can use the choreography of the unfolding of the universe as a guide to our yoga practice;  (ii) the ten Great Tantric Goddesses (the Mahavidyas) with a special emphasis on Kali; and (iii) some practices that we can use to tap into the sacred feminine such as meditations, sound, visualizations and journaling.  

kino macgregor

Teacher: Kino MacGregor

Join us for four weekend workshops with Kino MacGregor!


Teachers: Joanne Varni & Kendra Ford

Through the practice of self-inquiry, renewal, and healing we touch upon the deeper aspect of the self, which is connected, centered, and whole.


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Yoga Class Pricing

Drop In Class $20
-Drop In (With a member) $15
-Drop In (Civil Servant/Student/Child 12-/Senior 65+) $12
10 Class Pass $175
10 Class Pass (Civil Servant/Student/Senior 65+) $100
30 Class Pass $450
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